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In our shop you can find hundreds of frame models suitable for any need, ready to use or to be custom-made in our laboratory. You can find also prints, posters, oil paintings, hand-painted ceramics, frescos, furnishing accessories, panels, mirrors… In our gallery artists of different styles find an appropriate exhibiting space; Stile In is similar to an art gallery with art pieces of diverse genres and of a wide range of prices.

The framing laboratory Stile In is, all in all, a friendly destination for all visitors, tourist and residents alike, who can find in Piazza San Marco the newest and truest artistic sense of the city of Caprino.


All our frames are manufactured in respect of a quality control and conservation procedure in order to reach the best usage of material and assembling systems. Special attention goes to the use of conservative materials that are indispensable for valuable paintings, these materials can be used with a scarse additional cost also for less pricy pieces as well. Conservative framing is a necessary technique that allows to solves the several problems that accompany time deterioration (for example: acidity in wood, paper and cardboard; temperature variations in air humidity; excessive exposition to ultraviolet rays…). It is vital, then, to use glass, paper, cardboard, adhesive tape, glues and materials of top-class quality. Frames so produced offer an additional value without increasing that price of the final product.

We also present a wide array of frames (with high-level features, manufactured by some of the best Italian compagnie), which gives you that chance to choose the best option for your painting and proceed towards customization. Products can have a classic style or meet the newest trends in the sector. Your frame will be cut, assembled and completed in our laboratory with the best materials and accessories.

Stile In prides itself to be a unique framing laboratory, one that applies modern manufacturing technologies and up-to-date materials, but also traditional articles that blossom out of a long experience in the sector.

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Furnishing accessories

The continuing desire for comfort, the constant orientation toward a new era of domestic quality, the will to feel embraced by elegant and long-lasting products, capable of transferring emotions to be shared, will all be at the center of the living trends in the forthcoming years. In decoration, archaic shapes, minimalist colors, “poor” techniques applied to rich materials (or viceversa), sophisticated technologies on simple materials, these have all come back in fashion. Modernity, here, is knowing how to re-interpret shapes and colors in line with the nowadays taste. Tendency, here, is showing the way to new life-styles that have not been discovered yet. Paintings, objects, panels, tables, mirrors, lamps, portrait frames and all of the articles in Stile In are the visible confirmation of our philosophy of ongoing search for the beautiful, beyond time.

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Paintings and panels

Since always, to have a nice painting means embellish, decorate, give preciousness to rooms and spaces of our daily routine. Our clients approach art in various ways, based on different personal, cultural, aesthetic and economic needs. Our paintings aim at satisfying the widest array of individual approaches. The artists in our exhibition express their talent with multiple techniques and wide-ranging styles. You are welcome to visit our shop and browse through the paintings to choose the one that better suit your personal preference.

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